Who do you want on your side when planning a catered event?

When it comes to lunch catering there is no one that I would trust more to help me get it setup than i would the folks over at Goode Co. their expertise and experience when catering events really comes in handy when it comes to this sort of thing. They will gladly help you plan out every detail of your catering from how many plates to what types of food you would be able to get. Their catering coordinators have the know how to make the process of setting up your event spot on to make sure that everyone is well fed and in a speedy manner. Since nineteen seventy-seven the Goode Co. barbecue has been a staple of Houston Texas and as many family owned services they take their jobs seriously.

When it comes to timing the event right you should know that there needs to be some time to set everything up and make sure that both the food and the stations necessary to be able to serve the food that is being catered. In order to do this, you need to let the Goode Co. catering coordinator to arrive at least one hour before you expect food to be served so that the team can have time to set everything up and get everyone in position so the serving goes without a hitch. It should be noted that it takes approximately thirty minutes to serve roughly one hundred people when they are being fed in a buffet line. Also take into consideration that if the venue that you are going to be working in has the space necessary you should attempt to set up more than one serving station, this can be done in order to expedite the serving process so everyone can get back to what’s important, eating good barbecue. This type of commitment to good quality food is something that you can count on in Goode Co.

The Goode Co. do what is called full service catering and what that means is that you will not have to lift a single finger all day once you make them your catering service for a specific event. In order to make sure that all of the things in your catering will be in tip top shape, the Goode Co. provide you with enough plates for all the food you ordered as well as servers enough to fulfill the task necessary at hand this is including even an expert dedicated only to help the meat right off the bone in cutting and serving so you can simply sit back and enjoy the food with the rest of your guests the Goode Co. people are willing to work with you so that you can make sure that you will not only have enough food to put on the tables but also enough plates and serving material so that you can truly not worry about a single thing.